about us

We are Discerning Seniors, your lifestyle concierge.


We source the best products, services and experiences tailored for seniors. We help you take control and enjoy your life. Whether you need to make changes to your lifestyle for health reasons, or whether you are so busy enjoying all the things you love doing - golf, bridge, travel, visiting grandchildren - you want someone else to take care of the other things. Let Discerning Seniors help.


We created this company to support the unique lifestyle choices desired or required by seniors.

We are lifestyle specialists who understand the opportunities and challenges of senior living.

We are experienced individuals who started by helping our parents, in-laws and friends' parents.

"Discerning Seniors  knows that when we put as much effort into enjoying our golden years as we do reaching them - we will all be happier!"


Leigh Merlo, Vice President    

our team

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Lori Germain
Co-Founder & President

Lori has enjoyed a successful career in the advertising and promotions industry in both Montreal and Toronto culminating in a partnership at Encore Encore Strategic Marketing as VP Client Services.

Through her experience in marketing, Lori developed the ability to assess and understand a challenging situation quickly, and with her team, develop a plan that offers a solution.  

In 2002, Lori left the marketing world to focus on her growing family – raising two children.  Lori oversaw the care of her late mother-in-law and worked with her own mother to care for her father. 

Drawing on this experience Lori recognized the need the “sandwich generation” and their parents would have for a service like Discerning Seniors; basically, a "rent-a-daughter" with experience in this area. 

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Leigh Merlo

Leigh has spent 25 years working with clients in financial services having begun her career in Vancouver, and expanding her experience in a variety of senior roles in Toronto, Johannesburg, New York and finally back in Toronto.  


Every problem has a solution and Leigh thrives on the challenge of solving problems thoughtfully and quickly.  All of Leigh’s client experiences have taught her that no matter what, where, or when, everyone wants to control outcomes as much as possible.  Planning is key.


Leigh is excited to be advancing and advocating the normalization of aging and living well as we age. 

She is eager to work with clients who need guidance, planning and services for their aging loved ones.