Bag of Bones, Good Giggles and Magic Dragon – wait, what? Part 1 of a series.

We are talking about weed – not dandelions, but cannabis. Pot or cannabis has so many slang names! The “thigh slappers” above are but three of them. Not only does it have over a 1000 slang names, it has been part of civilization for over 1000 years. Cannabis is the Latin name for hemp – and hemp is a very versatile plant that was grown widely in the colonies of the early 1600’s and used for rope, fabric and food. Cannabis (hemp) is fast growing and easy to cultivate. The early forms of the plant had very low levels of the psycho-active component tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Medicinal uses in America were introduced in 1830 to treat the stomach pains of cholera, and by the late 1800s can

Planning is the key to aging well.

When we are at our most vulnerable, nothing is more important than knowing someone is there for us. And in those times, the little, comforting things ensure our wellbeing: a tasty nutritious meal, a warm bath, a clean and tidy home, a comfortable bed, nice clothes that fit properly, someone to talk to, someone to remind us to take our medication, someone to take us to our appointments, someone to talk with, someone who cares. As we age we need a support system in place to ensure our care. It doesn’t matter if you are world renowned scientist, a famous actor or a mom who focused entirely on caring for her family. If you don’t have a trusted person to help you to the bathroom in the middl

The Value of Care

In presenting Discerning Seniors to a new audience, we describe it as a concierge service, exactly like you would find in a luxury hotel, only focused on senior lifestyle needs. We source, vet, recommend and coordinate the best products, companies or services for you at a specific time in your life. When people press to further understand, we end up saying…well, it’s like a “rent-a daughter” because not only will we find and brief the service in question, we will provide you with the price and contact information and we will advocate on your behalf should there be any additional questions or issues. We have taken over the role traditionally played by daughters, sisters, nieces and daug

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