Juliet Capulet pondered "what's in a name"? We, at Discerning Seniors, would argue qu

We know that many older Canadians do not want to move out of their homes nor do they want anyone in their house. The more adult children insist they need help, the more their parents insist they do not. We think that when children say: "Mom, you need help", Mom hears "You need someone to take care of you". And with Mom's lifetime of experience, the last thing she wants is to be told what to do, when to do it and what's best for her. And to make things even worse, our society has decided to call the individuals tasked with assisting Mom (and/or Dad) with day to day activities a COMPANION! Ugh! Like it's a play date! No wonder Seniors are running away from help. We are treating them lik

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