our prices

We take care in finding the right services.  Prices vary depending on the complexity of your needs. DS works exclusively for you and we provide an estimate of the number of hours it will take to assist you.  Before doing anything, we will get your approval and we will stick to that that price barring any major changes.   We do not take commissions from any of our service providers, their costs are billed directly to you.  

concierge services/bespoke planning

from $235 per hour

For sourcing and coordinating the right service providers for you. We will provide an upfront estimate of the number of hours required to locate and coordinate the service.

plan execution

from $120 per hour

For coordination and oversight of service providers to ensure services provided meet our highest standards of quality and reliability.

urgent solutions

from $5000

For urgent situations requiring multiple resources to identify the right solutions as quickly as possible. Additional costs may be incurred for plan execution.