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Download Dzone Karaoke Home Pro Full Gratisl janewer




Home Karaoke KTV for Android.The Free Trial version of this app is free and will allow you to use it for a limited time (30 days). In the Free Trial version you can only add one song from the Free Downloads directory (link below) to your list. Download the Free Trial version. Remote Karaoke KTV for Android.Remote Karaoke is a Music Karaoke Platform where you can remote control with your Android and stream all your favorite music. You can add any kind of music to the Karaoke playlist (currently included songs from the playlist of the app are only Rock, Pop, Techno and Trance). When you add a song to the playlist, the song will be automatically started playing on both remote controllers and the corresponding song on your Android will start to play. Remote Karaoke KTV is free and easy to use. Although, it is only available in English, you can change the language in the app settings. Key features: - Add or remove song to the playlist- Add or remove a song to your device's library- Enable or disable song selection- Turn the song on or off- Reset the time of the song- Toggle the song forward or backward- Turn up or down the volume- Stops song playing when you press the buttons- You can add unlimited songs to your Karaoke Playlist Keypad settings: - You can change the language of the app in the settings. Annotation Tool: - You can add a text annotation to a song. Auto-stream option: - You can stream songs through the app or download songs from the app and put them in the USB connected phone's memory, your phone's device's memory, or send the song by email. Remote Control option: - If you have a dedicated remote control, you can use that and stream the music from your device. You can download any of the following songs from the Free Downloads directory in the app. - Rock (Abba, AC/DC, Amira, Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters, Guns N' Roses, Jack Johnson, Judas Priest, Metallica, Nirvana, Ozzy Osbourne, Paramore, Pink Floyd, Queen, Rihanna, Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Beatles, The Black Keys, The Eagles, The Killers, The Strokes, U2, Ugly Kid Joe, Van Halen, Volbeat, White Stripes,



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Download Dzone Karaoke Home Pro Full Gratisl janewer
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