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We all fall down

It’s an all too familiar story – Grace, 83 years of age and living on her own, fell in her home and spent the night on the floor waiting for someone to find her.

It is a story we have heard countless times Perhaps this story has you thinking about your parents? Or your elderly neighbour who lives alone? Or maybe, about that time you slipped on the bathroom floor and avoided a close call.

The reality is that we could all fall down and while it is convenient to simply cover our ears during the countless Acorn StairLift and walk-in tub commercials, a fall in the home is often the event that launches us into the world of crisis senior care – hospital stays, reduced mobility, rehabilitation.

What if, instead, we embraced the reality of our aging process. What if we gave ourselves or our loved ones all the support needed to stay active and focused on the things that are most important. What if we didn’t fall? Or if we did, someone is there immediately to help? Imagine the difference that would make to you knowing your parents are safer at home.

At Discerning Seniors, we help people find or create the right environment to live as fully as possible. And while we are often contacted when there is a crisis - something we are willing and able to help you manage - we are passionate about the fact that a lot of pain can be avoided through discussion, planning and action.

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