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In like a lion or out like a lamb? Facing the future with a roar.

In like a lion or a lamb? Are we roaming into the future with a roar, or bleating our way like sheep? March is an interesting month. It promises Spring (in the northern hemisphere, anyway) and longer, brighter days, ahead. Though in Canada we’d be foolish to put the snow shovels away just yet! Also make sure you keep a light jacket handy for the above zero temperatures- surely I’m not the only one caught out, melting under a too-heavy duvet coat while many Canadians head to patios, wearing Hawaiian shirts and shorts (we are a hardy bunch, after all…)

So why don’t we plan for the future and our shifting healthcare needs? I think we know the answer. It’s too painful. No-one wants to think about getting older or sick. However, life happens. Things go wrong or wobbly, and while we can’t prepare for everything, preparing for your future comforts is so important. Like all emotionally charged decisions, it’s always the first step that takes the most out of us. Maybe envisaging your future self receiving good care in a supportive environment would help getting over that initial inertia? Or maybe if we posed it to ourselves this way: Would you rather….?

Would you rather live in an older home, which requires expensive upkeep, or hard to navigate stairs? Why wouldn’t you sell the house, pocket the capital to provide for later care- and use the rest for a rental property in a facility with an RN on call, and elevators? Why not rent and add private care to top up publicly funded care?

Would you rather make the decision to move now, place your investment in high yield savings accounts for later use, or would you rather HAVE to make the decision suddenly? It’s like putting off replacing the roof until a storm hits and you’re dealing with water damage and insurance claims. Returning the the philosophy of a stitch in time saves nine, prior planning frees up our time spend it as we choose, not how we have to because of an emergency. Many people hold onto to their homes for too long. I understand. There’s an emotional connection. I still have paintings and macaroni artwork from my kids which should have been recycled ages ago- yet I hold on. WHY? Because I think that throwing their work out is throwing them out. Similarly we feel that selling our home is going to ruin our memories. Instead, let’s shift perspective and look forward to the positive freedom of having the money support you. You loved your home, and now it’s time for it to love you back so you can relax in the comfort and ease you deserve!

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