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So Now What? How to Navigate the New Normal? Do Your Best and Forget The Rest

With so much information, most of it scary, all of it continually changing, it’s hard to know what the right thing to do is. What if we get it wrong? seems to weigh heavy on us all. Though it could be argued, we got it all wrong from the start, and are only now muddling through with some degree of measured medical accuracy. Maybe we should cut ourselves some slack here, forgive ourselves and learn to live in wonderful imperfection. After all, is there any other choice? If top scientists, world leaders and the global economy have been struggling with finding its way, surely we can expect no different from ourselves. What we know now is that social distancing, face masks in crowded indoor areas and good hygiene practice are our best bet. Sure we will read something new tomorrow, or something scary the next day. Those are the distractions we would best steer away from. Conjecture led by fear isn't helpful at all. Fear undermines community coherence, our immune function, and our mental health.

Instead, let’s do our best and forget the rest. Let’s truly be Discerning Seniors, heartily choosing where we spend our energy, choosing optimism over anxiety, steadying the course with some good old fashioned, Keep Calm and Carry On. Studies show that choosing where we focus our energy maintains a centring calm and helps filter out all the noise. That’s a welcome relief. This is where Discerning Seniors can lessen the burden of decisions, help guide you better, help you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat. Wherever our journey takes us, we may as well enjoy it. We’ve been through tough times before, and we have the wisdom of experience to see us through these modern turbulent ones.

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