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To Everything There Is A Season

Fall has arrived and it’s tempting to get all melancholic, isn’t it? Listen, times aren’t exactly bright and bushy tailed out there. The newsreels, the debates, a Pandemic… the whole lot would make anyone want to curl up and crawl under the duvet. The days are getting shorter, evenings are drawing in closer too.

As Discerning Seniors, consider bringing some light into your home. Some thoughtfully placed lamps, maybe even a fancy one that alleviates seasonal affective disorder. Instead of resisting the cooler months, how about embracing them with duvet coats, wrapped up warm against the chillier air? Is there anything more invigorating than a walk outside to watch the leaves turn into a spectacular display of golds, russets, greens and browns? Even better if you share your walk with a friend- furry or not. Perhaps something good can come from The Pause - a greater attention to the seasons. The weather sure, but also within ourselves. How have we changed? And what is Mother Nature asking of us in the cooler months? To take stock, like Her perhaps, to enter a fallow resting period, to turn over the soil and nurture ourselves like we would our gardens with rich mulch, tying back and pruning so we can rest after all our hard work over the summer. Speaking of taking stock- why not make some of that as well? It’s so easy to make your own stock, full of nutrients from the leftover chicken; add some root vegetables and you’ll have the makings of a delicious meal. In fact, Fall cooking is some of my favourite, with stews promising hearty stick-to-your-ribs goodness!

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