How much can I expect to pay for a plan?

We offer a full range of planning options that take into consideration your preferences, abilities, budget and location. Please refer to our price list to see our pricing.

How long does it take to get a plan in place?

We work with you to determine the best timeline and we are flexible based on your needs.

I am going to visit our grandchildren for a month, my husband is staying home. Can you coordinate meal delivery for my husband for a month?

Discerning Seniors works with many food delivery services in the GTA, including kosher caterers. We will ensure your husband receives nutritious, delicious meals that suit his tastes and his timing.

We need help right away for my mother, we may not have time to wait for a full plan. What kinds of services can you provide immediately?

Crisis situations are a reality. Contact us to help you find the right services.

We are taking a 3 month trip to Asia to visit relatives. We need someone to take care of our dog and water our houseplants.

Discerning Seniors will hire the service providers you require to ensure your pet and your houseplants receive a high level of attention and care.

Do you work with public services, such as CCAC, or Longterm Care Facilities?

We have positioned ourselves to work mostly with private service providers to help you navigate that segment. However, we will assist with coordinating additional care through public services if required.

Can you guarantee placement in a retirement home of my choosing?

We work with you to determine the best fit based on your preferences. At the time of our discussion we will assess which homes that fit your criteria have potential availability.

Are you covered by a healthcare plan?

Our services are not covered, however many of the providers may accept healthcare plans.

In which cities can you provide services?

Currently we are able to provide services in and around the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and are ready to expand as required.

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One of our friendly team members are happy to answer your questions.