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what we do

We find the best solution, big or small, for your loved one.

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technical support

Using new technology can be challenging.  We have a service that will set everything up. 

concierge services

Want to downsize your home? Or stay in your family home as your needs change?  Need help for a month or for longer? Planning an event?

Discerning Seniors can assist in coordinating services that you may require – from simple housekeeping to extensive home renovations to make your current house work for you.  We can provide in home care givers that suit your needs, or we can plan that 90th birthday celebration.  

bespoke planning

Needing or wanting to make some changes in your lifestyle – either due to health concerns or for convenience?

We work with you or your loved ones and create a plan that addresses your needs, your finances and your lifestyle preferences.   Our easy to follow plans allow our clients to coordinate the recommended service providers directly, however, we also offer a full plan execution service where we take on the management, oversight and coordination of the recommended services.  

urgent solutions

Has your loved one suffered a fall and now needs immediate care? or is unable to stay alone in their house?

Our Immediate Care Package has been designed to provide immediate assistance in more urgent care situations.  Urgent care situations are typically required after a health issue arises that makes living at home difficult or impossible. We work with you to find immediate solutions that work for you and your family.


Not sure where to start?
Don't stress. We have it covered.

We understand that creating a plan can be  a tremendous time burden to some family members.  We can break it down into manageable pieces for you.  We have developed tools that help you find the right services for your loved one so  they can live well and you can rest easy.