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DSI not DIY- Why Asking For Help is the Best Idea

I’ve a horrible confession to make. I am a terrible Do-It-Yourself-er. No really. I have painted and then abandoned a floral ‘masterpiece’ in my closet; I’ve made my own balloon curtains which still wilt, deflated, in my bathroom, ten years on; and I’ve a kitchen door held together with a chopstick. I’m so bad at DIY’s that the local hardware store has my photo on their security list. I’m not a threat to anyone, mind you, just a threat to the discipline of home improvement. Frankly, my greatest home improvement is candlelight and great wine.

Now, this isn’t a pity party for one. I know my talents- DIY just isn’t one of them. In fact, I don’t even like those DIY shows. It’s not that I don’t love a well decorated home or beautifully installed walk-in closet, it’s just I lose interest and fall asleep as people go all goo-goo eyed over Marie Condo (is she still popular?) arranging the sock drawer.

I think my disinterest is slightly immature of me. Because I don’t have a natural affinity for DIY, I give up too soon. Frankly I’d rather go to a hotel if I needed to see a perfect room. I think it’s the staff that I like… So, that said, when I DO hire someone, I’m delighted with my ‘discovery’. It’s as if I’ve discovered a new element for the periodic table. Hey I’ve discovered this brilliant new thing. It’s called, outsourcing. YAY ME! Oh- you already know about this?

The fact is, asking for help is great time management, professionally and personally. It recognizes the value of investing in another’s expertise where I fall short. I save time and probably money, plus I get the work done properly. Very few upper level business owners operate all by themselves, and for good reason. Burnout occurs when we take on too much, and then stagnation sets in. As Richard Branson says, “If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to delegate.” If I’m honest, part of my reluctance to outsource is laziness. Ugh. You mean I have to put some effort into something? Can’t I just do nothing and then complain about it? Sometimes it’s because I think I can do it all myself, and then I wonder why I’m so tired…

Ditch the pride and hire the help. DSI, Discerning Seniors Inc, not DIY, will help you get things done far better, and with far less hockey tape. It’s so worth your time not wasting your time. Trust me, I know. There’s a drawer in my kitchen that hasn’t been opened for years because it’s taped shut- I’m scared to open it in case it falls apart and everything falls out. Well, maybe I’ll have a go.

Now, where did I put my screwdriver?


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